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chlorella manufacturers
Trusted Global Leader as Chlorella Manufacturer
Pure High-quality Chlorella from a Leading manufacturer Committed to Excellence and Sustainability
  • Chlorella Powder Supplier
  • Chlorella Tablet Supplier
  • spirulina chlorella tablet
  • Chlorella Capsule Supplier
  • Chlorella Powder Supplier
  • Chlorella Tablet Supplier
  • spirulina chlorella tablet
  • Chlorella Capsule Supplier

Chlorella Products

Riching Nutrition’s Chlorella embodies the pinnacle of nutritional excellence. Cultivated with precision and care, our Chlorella offers unparalleled health benefits in powder and tablet forms. Explore the distinct advantages of choosing our Chlorella:

  • Optimally grown in uncontaminated environments to ensure the highest quality
  • Flexible Packaging Options for Diverse Markets
  • Certified EU/USDA Organic and Non-GMO, Non-Radiation, Non-Gluten, Non-allergens
  • Traceable Quality Control from Harvest to Packaging Rigorously Tested for Purity and Safety
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Explore the World of Chlorella: Nature's Green Powerhouse

Dive into our engaging video to discover the extraordinary benefits and science behind Chlorella, one of nature’s most powerful superfoods. Learn how Riching Nutrition harnesses advanced cultivation techniques to produce high-quality Chlorella, packed with essential nutrients that support detoxification, boost immunity, and promote overall well-being. See firsthand why Chlorella is a staple in health enthusiasts’ diets and how our commitment to purity and sustainability sets us apart in the superfood industry.

Advanced Chlorella Production: Pioneering Industry Standards

  • Scientific Research and Innovation
    The scientific prowess of East China University of Science and Technology and leading algae scientist Professor Li Yuanguang
  • Industrial Scale Cultivation
    Our shift from facility agriculture to industrialized production mitigates traditional issues like contamination and seasonal impacts, ensuring consistent high-quality Chlorella.
  • Strain Selection and Vitality
    Our Chlorella strains are selected for their high biological activity and superior qualities, ensuring optimal levels of growth factors, proteins, and essential nutrients.
  • Technological Excellence in Water Treatment
    Using state-of-the-art purification technology, our water treatment process ensures ultra-pure water for cultivating the highest quality Chlorella.
chlorella manufacturers
chlorella manufacturers

High-Quality Chlorella Cultivation& Chlorella Cell Wall Breaking

  • Innovative Cultivation Techniques
    Our method involves three phases: high-density heterotrophic cultivation in bioreactors, dilution of dense algal liquid, and autotrophic cultivation with light. This approach significantly enhances the cell density and quality of our Chlorella within a short cultivation cycle.
  • Advanced Cell Wall Breaking Technology
    Our state-of-the-art cell wall breaking technology achieves a disruption rate of 96.73%, ensuring the structural integrity of proteins and other components is optimally opened. This process preserves the biological activity of CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor), maximizing nutrient absorption by the human body.
Color/Smell Dark green powder with a characteristic seaweed odor.
Particle Size 80mesh
Ingredients Chlorella
Packaging Food-grade plastic bags
Storage Store in a cool, dry, and clean area
Shelf Life 2years
Grades Conventional Grade, EU Organic Grade, USDA Organic Grade
Chlorella Powder 80mesh
Chlorella Tablet Size 200mg/tablet;250mg/tablet;400mg/tablet;500mg/tablet etc

Chlorella Production Processes

What does chlorella do to your body?

Chlorella supports detoxification, boosts the immune system, enhances metabolism, and helps improve cholesterol levels.

Does chlorella clean the gut?

Yes, chlorella helps to cleanse the gut by promoting the growth of beneficial gut flora and eliminating toxins.

What is better, chlorella or spirulina?

Both are beneficial; chlorella is better for detoxifying, while spirulina is often preferred for its protein content and anti-inflammatory properties.

Does chlorella affect hormones?

Chlorella can influence hormone balance positively by promoting the production of healthy levels of estrogen and reducing premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

Is chlorella hard on the liver?

No, chlorella is beneficial for liver health as it supports liver detoxification and helps lower liver enzyme levels.

Does chlorella help hair growth?

Chlorella can promote hair growth due to its rich nutritional profile, including vitamins and minerals essential for hair health.

Chlorella can promote hair growth due to its rich nutritional profile, including vitamins and minerals essential for hair health.

Chlorella can be taken on an empty stomach for better absorption, although some people may prefer to take it with food to minimize digestive upset.

What is the best form of chlorella to take?

The best form depends on personal preference; tablets are convenient, while powders can be easily added to foods and drinks.

Should I take chlorella in the morning or at night?

Chlorella can be taken at any time; however, taking it in the morning may help boost energy levels throughout the day.

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